Growing in the Translation Market from scratch – How to become an efficient professional

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A very warm welcome dear student! 


    We are excited to start this new discovering and learning path with you. Please keep reading to allow us give you an overview of what this free online course is about.


   Although new translation software and applications are released every day, translators are still a great need for many companies who are looking for personnel able to deliver accurate, clear and appropriated translations for products and services aimed to be placed in new markets. This is done with the intention to allow companies' expansion and growth at a global scale. According to the latest report done by many occupational organizations, the translation industry will experience a faster growth within the upcoming years, allowing thousands of new workers to be part of it.


   But…how to start in this new world? There are a few skills, qualifications and knowledge we want to share so that we will help you in the process of becoming a successful translator, no matter the working style you choose (home office, freelancer, agencies).


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Georgina Martin

Georgina Martin